I really enjoy commissions and collaborations, and have done them with a variety of clients large and small. Click on the photos below to see a little more detail on the project featured.

Most of the time, if someone has chosen me to make work for them - then we already have a shared aesthetic before we begin.  Which makes working together easy & fun! It's just a matter of finding common language to describe exactly what we want. Pinterest is helpful in early stages, as are hand gestures, sound effects, and drawings - be them napkin doodles or schematic drawings with measurements. Clients are often nervous to put pencil to paper in front of me - but it is sooo helpful - and don't worry, I can't draw either (and I'm not just saying that) so don't be shy.

Normally I'll have a clients visit me in the studio for a consultation - so that we can get to know each other, while having lots of ceramics around to borrow for ideas. (colour like this, curves like that...)

If you are interested, drop me a note & we'll set something up.