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These are Yetis.  Or that’s what I’ve been calling them.
Though technically Yetis live in the Himalayas,
so this would be a long way for them to travel.

There are however Sasquatch about
the Sasquatch Research Team is quite active here in WA.
I kid you not. check out the fuzzy pictures.

These are not fuzzy pictures, or short folks in yeti costumes
but real, living, Art.  I made them.
So let me tell you a little more here:

The three white fellas are Elder Yeti’s
and the brown boys and girls are younger.
As you can see, like humans
yeti’s come in all shapes and sizes,
with a tendency to be short and squat.
Contrary to popular belief
it has nothing to do with a poor diet,
or smoking at a young age
this body shape is optimal for staying warm at high altitudes.
(think about it, your tall skinny friends are always cold…)

Yeti’s are romantic creatures. 
They love flowers, and holding hands, and sing-alongs.
They also appreciate good sunsets, and practical jokes.
I’ve heard they are keen on coffee too…
maybe that’s why they are in Seattle?

meet the gang:

Belly             has an outie belly button.  don’t tease him. 
Duck Feet    has great balance and loves swimming.
Baller           is often cold.

Stan              he’s just your average yeti.
Fred             is from Australia, is he a Kageretti or Yeteroo?
Kylie             is pregnant!
George        had probably done something wrong, again.